Softdrink maker warns of exploding cans

    Softdrink maker warns of exploding cans

    It is a bitter irony that, with the rising popularity of coffee, coffee lovers are drinking the beverage that was once banned on Halloween, Halloween o우리 카지노r any day of the year, but has now become a staple in many house카지노holds.

    “No one wants to drink coffee경주출장안마안마 that has been poisoned,” said Brian J. Gormley, vice president of marketing and public relations for Red Owl Coffee, which produces the popular Red and White line of coffees.

    Coffee and beverages spiked during the summer when Halloween got canceled, so that’s why coffee and candy makers are turning it into a holiday treat, he said.

    “We have customers who have said ‘I’m going to drink this to celebrate,’ ” said Gormley.

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