Manufacturing index posts growth for first time in six months

    Manufacturing index posts growth for first time in six months

    Pending data, including revisions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Price Index for the week ending March 17, will be made public on Friday when the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its monthly report on employment and wages. The Bureau is expected to release more data Friday on the week ending March 20.

    The March 17 update was delayed earlier, as the Labor Department revised its weekly report to account for more than 130,000 jobs lost in February, the third consecutive month of net job losses.

    Pending data

    In a statement on its바카라 사이트 website, the U에스엠 카지노S Bureau of Labor Statistics said it expects more data from the government에그 벳 to be released on Friday, though the agency cautioned that most of the latest data will not be released until after the survey begins the week of April 27.

    “Firms have indicated they will respond to the April employment survey with more detail. But some details can be delayed due to certain work factors,” it said.

    The February report showed a 1.4 percentage-point bump in employment growth to a seasonally adjusted 248,000, up from 240,000.

    The monthly report released Friday, covering the past 12 months, shows employment growth of 1.5 percent to 1.7 million. That’s up from the 1.2 percent uptick reported in February.

    The report showed an increase in payrolls to a seasonally adjusted 304,000, up from 297,000. The employment rate rose to 64.4 percent from 65.1 percent.

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